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Record and automatically email voice messages


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One of the new technologies most used online these days is voIP. However, that system isn't always so useful, since it requires both speakers to be connected at the very same time.

Speak-A-Message provides an easy way to send voice messages to any user, so that they will be available to listen to whenever the recipient connects.

The program displays an original interface from which you can record a voice message, add sound effects, and have the results automatically sent by email.

Speak-A-Message also allows you to add images to your voice message, which can be extremely useful if you're trying to orally explain something that appears in an image (like for a tutorial or online class).

And it's possible to create text messages from a voice recording, because the program can interpret the audio and automatically convert it to text.

The option to transform voice to text is only available for this version. The recipient will also need to have this program installed in order to view the image with text in their email.


Version for Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can download the Windows XP version [url=https://www.speak-a-message.com/images/btnDownload.50x50.jpg]here[/url].

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